Therapeutic support

Within the co-creational approach, I give you my full attention in a secure and safe space. It allows us to create a specific session that is designed just for you for your particular needs on that day. A session can take place lying down, sitting and even if needs be, via video-call.

Emotional regulation massage

In today’s world it is easy to lose our natural equilibrium due to an accumulation of overwhelming emotions or sometime traumatic experiences. During a session, we will make a connection between your physical state (sensations, symptoms etc.), your emotions and thoughts in order to bring back some clarity and a sense of balance. Once each hindrance has been freed, you are experiencing full body awareness and your potential for self-expression is fully available. 
I have gathered different methods in my comprehensive approach which allow me to have a high range of flexibility to adapt to your individual needs on a physical, emotional and even other levels of consciousness. Mindful touch would use all, or part, of these tools: intuitive massage and touch, foot reflexology, mindfulness approach, active listening, visualisation, energy treatment.

1 hour session, 120 frs
First session 1h15, 140 frs

Foot reflexology (ASCA recognition)
Specialized in perinatality and baby 

Foot reflexology added to Chinese medicine approach allows us to support the natural healing process and to have a better understanding of each life situation.
Pregnancy and the perinatal period can be intense and loaded with physical and emotional changes. It can happen that unconscious or unresolved emotions arise. They can sometimes be connected to our own in-utero experience or even to unresolved transgenerational heritage. They can manifest as physical symptoms, overwhelming emotional stages, new conflictual relations and sometimes obstacles to a harmonious outcome in pregnancy or in-utero fetal growth. Moreover, reflexology can also be a great resource for babies and children from birth to adolescence to manage both physical and emotional disorder.

1 hour session, 120 frs
First session 1h15, 140 frs

Womb care

Whether you like your belly or not….
Whether you are menstruating or not…
Whether you have gone through menopause or not…
Whether your uterus has grown a baby or not…
Whether you suffer from belly related symptoms or not…
Whether you have undergone an obstetric surgical intervention or not…

Your womb is asking for attention!

It is your compass; your guide when you stop your mind’s constant noise. It is the access to your softness, your quiet strength and your simplicity. I invite you to (re)discover it, to embrace it and to take care of it.

– belly massage    

– moxibustion

– foot reflexology

– closing the bones

– energy healing

– guided meditation

The skills I generally use as a doula can be generously used with any woman wanting to pause, center and digest. To be aware of your belly allows for being present in the moment, connecting to your intuition, leaving aside your mental load and becoming whole with yourself.

From womxn to womxn, this time of caring aims to relax and soften. It can also be an opportunity to recall a memory connected to your womb and pacify emotional states that can still be vivid. 

About 1 hour 15,  140 frs

I use the word « womxn » aiming to explicitly include transgender and nonbinary people. I tend to be a LGBTQIA+ ally and I welcome any remarks allowing me to grow my inclusive vocabulary. 

Doula et holistiC Therapist

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